About Us

The Springs Community Alliance exists to draw together community members of all types and backgrounds to improve the quality of life in the Springs Community. We focus on four key strategies:

Communication– providing a venue for sharing Springs community information and ideas
Cooperation– convening and facilitating cooperation between Springs community stakeholders
Participation– taking and supporting actions that improve the quality of the Springs community
Celebration– organizing, supporting and participating in events that celebrate life in the Springs

The Springs Community Alliance evolved from the Springs Task Force Coordinating Committee (STFCC), most widely known by its phonetic acronym, “Stiff Kick”. Stiff Kick was founded in the mid-1990’s to put pressure on local government officials to address unsafe and blighted conditions along the Highway 12 corridor in the Springs. Stiff Kick had many successes, including:

  • Creation of Springs Redevelopment Advisory Committee (the “RAC), consisting of members elected by local Springs constituents
  • Asserting grass roots pressure on Caltrans resulting in approval to construct pedestrian safety improvements along Highway
  • Annual “Springs Cleanup” events to remove litter and junk from local streets and neighborhoods
  • Promoting economic development to attract and retain local businesses in the Springs
  • Supporting projects that have improved blighted properties and provide quality affordable housing
  • Convening multiple Springs community and Town Hall meetings as opportunities for dialogue between County government, police, schools, non-profit organizations and community members

<image001.jpg>The Springs Community Alliance was formed to build upon Stiff Kick’s successes by providing a means for more Springs community members to become more informed and more involved in more community activities. We encourage all members of the Springs community to join the Alliance and be active in improving the Springs. Alliancemembership is open to any individual, family, business, community organization and public agency that supports our mission. Non-member guests are always welcome and encouraged to attend our meetings and events.

The Springs Community Alliance is governed by its Founding Charter and its commitment to:

Open, Respectful communication
Diversity of ideas, cultures and beliefs
Sustainable practices

We meet the third Thursday of every month from 7:00 – 8:30 pm at the Sonoma Springs Community Hall, 18627 Sonoma Highway, Sonoma.